Huge Conversions... Huge Commissions And
Pre-Done Marketing Material...
What More Can You Ask For?

I don't know about you, but I've signed up for a lot of terrible affiliate programs in the past. That's why I've decided to make mine pretty awesome :)

Here's what you'll get...

Huge Conversions

I don't have any data just yet, but this product is a VERY easy sell. It's as close to a "real" magic bullet as possible (designed like that on purpose) because it was written in a "do this, make money" fashion. So far, the feedback has been amazing. As soon as I get more specific numbers, I'll be sure to update this page.

Also, as the course suggests, I'm a split-testing freak. That means your EPC will go up over time on a very consistent basis. The more traffic you send, the faster I can test and the more money you'll make :)

Huge Commissions

Not only do you get a 50% commission on the front-end products (The Conversion Cheat Sheet) I'm also giving you a chance to get commissions throughout the entire funnel! If you haven't noticed, VERY few affiliate programs do this.

Below are all the products/services within the funnel, and their commissions.

  • Conversion Cheat Sheet - 50% commission (Current price is $67. That means a $33.50 payout to you)

  • Marketing Critique (Upsell) - 10% commission - $35 payout

  • Conversion Cheat Sheet Free Trial - 50% commission (Current offer is $1 for 21 days, then $66)

Marketing Material

When you sign up, you'll be put on an autoresponder to help you make the most money possible. You'll also be given access to marketing templates you can use, add a few lines to make it personal, and send out to your subscribers.

In short, whatever you need to make your life easier, just let me know.

Other Misc. Info You Should Know...

Here are various nitty-gritty details about the affiliate program...

Payout Date: The 1st of each month, made via Paypal (or the 2nd/3rd if it falls on a weekend)

Cookies: The sale goes to the FIRST referrer, and the cookies last 365 days. That means if you send someone to the site today, and they buy 364 days from now, you still get the commission!

Multiple Affiliate Pages - I have the ability to create an affiliate link for ANY page on my site. For example if you want to add more value, you can add people straight to my "free trial" page for higher conversions.

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